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Specialized S-Works Tarmac Frameset
  • Color: Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade
  • Color: Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean
  • Color: Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue
  • Color: Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean
  • Color: Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow
  • Color: Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black
  • Color: Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean

Specialized S-Works Tarmac Frameset


$3,999.99 - $4,000.00
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Product Details

2019 Specialized S-Works Tarmac Frameset

The previous Tarmac had an exceptional palmarès—a win in every Grand Tour, plus two World Championships—so you might ask yourself, "why a new Tarmac?" Well, we've never been one to rest on our laurels, which is why we're constantly hunting for even the smallest of improvements. In other words, we innovate or die. And for this exact reason, the new S-Works Tarmac breaks all the traditions of race bike design to create the fastest bike for all conditions.

For the construction, we utilized advanced aerospace composite optimization software to revolutionize the construction and layup of our new FACT 12r carbon. It's the most advanced material, and schedule, we've ever made and this allowed us to shed nearly 200 grams. That's right, a 20% reduction in frame weight—the perfect recipe for your next hill climb PR.

We also took major steps to improve our Rider-First Engineered technology to ensure that the new Tarmac is stiff and compliant in exactly the right places, all while shedding some serious weight. From different layup schedules and materials to visibly different forks, we scrutinized every single aspect of the new Tarmac to ensure you're getting the perfect ride. With this revamp, we also updated the geometry, basing it on countless Retül data points and professional rider input. This enabled us to develop a Performance Road Geometry that perfects the combination of a responsive front-end and short wheelbase, which delivers instantaneous response and optimal power transfer.

And while stiffness aids in the aforementioned, compliance must also be utilized for an optimal ride quality. That's why we designed a seatpost that builds compliance into the upper 120mm where clamping doesn't happen, dropped the seat stays, and altered the seat tube shape. We also added tire clearance up to 30mm, which translates to a 28mm Turbo Cotton on a Roval CLX 50 wheel. This allows lower pressures for decreased rolling resistance, increased traction, and more comfort. Altogether, these additions still have the Tarmac riding like a true race-machine, but it also takes a bit of the sting out of road imperfections. You'll thank us on your next long ride.

We also know, however, that aerodynamic improvements are the most important thing we can do to make you faster. Our Bora-Hansgrohe and Quick-Step Floors Pro Tour riders, after all, are demanding aero improvements on every bike. With this, the aero goal was to discover where we could essentially "add aero for free," by not taking anything away from the hallmarks of the Tarmac design. During the six-month iterative process, three areas were discovered where we could do this—a new fork shape, dropped seat stays with aero tubes, and a D-shaped seatpost and seat tube. The result? A bike that's approximately 45 seconds faster over 40km compared to other lightweight bikes in the same category.

- Featuring our Rider-First Engineered design that ensures every frame size has the same legendary climbing responsiveness and descending prowess you'd expect from a Tarmac. The S-Works FACT 12r frame is our highest quality carbon frame, offering the ideal blend of light overall weight and targeted stiffness.

- S-Works full FACT carbon fork with a tapered construction provides incredible front-end stiffness and steering response for instantaneous accelerations and high-speed descents.

- A legendary CeramicSpeed bottom bracket ensures that you're saving every last precious watt.

Features and Information

  • Specifications close open

    Specification Description
    Frame S-Works Tarmac SL6, FACT 12r carbon, Rider-First Engineered, clean routing, internally integrated seat clamp, 130mm rear spacing, direct-mount rim brake
    Fork S-Works FACT 12r carbon, direct-mount rim brake
    Bottom Bracket OSBB, CeramicSpeed bearings
    Seat Post S-Works FACT Carbon Tarmac seatpost, 20mm offset

    * Subject to change without notice.

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  • Part Numbers close open

    Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Store SKU
    Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade / 44cm 70619-0144
    Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade / 49cm 888818424269 70619-0149
    Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade / 52cm 888818424313 70619-0152
    Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade / 54cm 888818424344 70619-0154
    Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade / 56cm 888818424474 70619-0156
    Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade / 58cm 888818424511 70619-0158
    Acid Pink/Acid Purple/Team Yellow/Gravity Fade / 61cm 888818424252 70619-0161
    Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean / 44cm 888818424863 70619-0444
    Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean / 49cm 888818424702 70619-0449
    Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean / 52cm 888818424740 70619-0452
    Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean / 54cm 888818424887 70619-0454
    Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean / 56cm 888818424931 70619-0456
    Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean / 58cm 888818425075 70619-0458
    Gloss Chameleon Flake/Satin Acid Red/Clean / 61cm 888818424948 70619-0461
    Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue / 44cm 888818424665 70619-0544
    Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue / 49cm 888818424719 70619-0549
    Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue / 52cm 888818424856 70619-0552
    Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue / 54cm 888818424900 70619-0554
    Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue / 56cm 888818424696 70619-0556
    Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue / 58cm 888818424726 70619-0558
    Gloss Chameleon/Cyan Blue / 61cm 888818424870 70619-0561
    Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean / 44cm 888818424894 70619-0344
    Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean / 49cm 888818424924 70619-0349
    Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean / 52cm 888818425068 70619-0352
    Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean / 54cm 888818424917 70619-0354 BIFR0022
    Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean / 56cm 888818425051 70619-0356 BIFR0025
    Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean / 58cm 888818424672 70619-0358 BIFR0024
    Satin Black/Black Reflective/Clean / 61cm 888818424733 70619-0361
    Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow / 44cm 70619-0644
    Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow / 49cm 70619-0649
    Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow / 52cm 70619-0652
    Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow / 54cm 70619-0654
    Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow / 56cm 70619-0656
    Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow / 58cm 70619-0658
    Gloss Flo Red/Bright Yellow / 61cm 70619-0661
    Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black / 44cm 70619-0744
    Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black / 49cm 70619-0749
    Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black / 52cm 70619-0752
    Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black / 54cm 70619-0754
    Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black / 56cm 70619-0756
    Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black / 58cm 70619-0758
    Gloss Flo Red/Metallic White Silver/Satin Black / 61cm 70619-0761
    Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean / 44cm 70619-0844
    Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean / 49cm 70619-0849
    Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean / 52cm 70619-0852
    Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean / 54cm 70619-0854
    Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean / 56cm 70619-0856
    Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean / 58cm 70619-0858
    Gloss Storm Gray/Rocket Red/Clean / 61cm 70619-0861
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