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Village Peddler

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The Village Peddler was founded in 1973 and has been under the same ownership since 1992.  We are your one stop shop for everything related to a bicycle.  And we don't just talk the talk -- we walk the walk.  We have been riding, racing and repairing bikes of every make and model for over forty years.  If it rolls, pedals or you can get on it and ride it -- we can probably fix it.  In our inventory we have drum brake pads for Schwinn cruiser front hubs from the 1970's and we have the latest electronic shift systems on bikes from 2016.  Remember when gear shifters were on the downtube of a road bike and mountain bikes had no shocks?  We do.  Now we rebuild most RockShox and Fox Suspension products in house.  Need your Di2 shifters to be custom programmed so the buttons work in a way that makes sense to you? -- we can do that too.  How about rebuilding KS Lev dropper seatposts?  Sure -- we have a mechanic on staff that specializes in repairing them.  How about disc brakes?  We stock new pads and service disc brakes from all manufacturers, including Shimano, SRAM, Magura, Formula, Hope and Tektro.  

Ask us about bike racing.   We have sponsored teams that have raced at the highest levels of domestic road racing.  We prepared bikes that have won national tites in both road racing and time trialling.  Want to know who won the Tour de France in 1986?  Ask the owner, Steve and he will name you every winner of the Tour in the last thirty years in order off the top of his head -- he was there to see 10 of them.  What about mountain bike racing?  We have supported mountain bike racers at both the local and national level.  Want to try an 8 hour race, the Tahoe Trail 100, or maybe a 24 hour race in Scotland in winter?  We can help you.  We have supported riders who have completed all levels of Mountain Bike Racing endurance events.  Okay -- how about the Tour Divide -- the 2,750 mile race from Banff, Canada to Indian Wells, New Mexico?  Yep, that one too.  

What if I just want a basic bike repair?  We can do it.  We perform basic tune-ups on all makes and models of bikes.  If you haven't had your bike running right for a while -- you are in for a treat -- we will have your bike performing again at it's highest level.  Our mechanics know their stuff.  We will have your bike humming like a well-oiled machine in no time.

Going on a Backroads bike trip and you're not sure what to pack?  We can help.  Our clothing selection offers ultralight wind breakers, vests and shorts that will see you through any excursion you sign up for in any destination.  

What about fitting?  We have been fitting bikes since we opened the doors a long time ago.  We even have a certified BG Bike fitter on staff who has completed the bike fitting course at Specialized Bicycle University.  

What about a balance bike and a helmet for your child who just turned two  -- sure, we've got them -- but you should have come in when he was 1-1/2!  How about a three wheel bike for your elderly mother who still wants to feel the breeze in her hair but doesn't trust her balance any more?  We can order one in and keep a smile on her face too.  You're never too old to ride a bike.  

Remember that feeling when you took off for the first time on your two wheeler and you couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear?  That potential for pure, intrinsic fun is still there, waiting for you --  and every time you throw a leg over your bike and take your first pedal stroke -- you get the chance to feel it once again.  But don't forget to wear your helmet -- its almost like flying.